Feature Videos

AN Introduction to QBank

Simple as it seems, using digital files and sharing them with your team can be a daily challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Our mission is to make Digital Asset Management easy and efficient so that you can focus on more important stuff. In this video, we explain how uploading assets into QBank can be a simple process.

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As information is becoming increasingly digital, tagging of your assets has become more important than ever. We want Digital Asset Management to be easy and efficient.

Length: 2m 43s


Not everyone uses QBank, so how do they take part of your files? With Moodboards you can easily share and collect files from external parties.

Length: 2m 39s


All assets have a destination, and whether it's your website, social media, print or brand portal, this video shows you how QBank can be the central hub for publishing.

Length: 2m 13s


Learn more about access rights and security in QBank. Determine who should have access to what asset with roles and groups.

Length: 2m 54s


Analytics is a key succes factor in almost every communications process. Learn how your assets are being used to make it more efficient.

Length: 2m 29s


Metadata is essential for finding rich media files. QBank gives you the tools to manage this in a secure and optimized way.

Length: 3m 17s


QBank has a number of integrations with communications tools. We will provide you with DAM features directly inside these tools.

Length: 3m 4s


QBank is filled with features that make your everyday work much easier.

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