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Do I upload a file in different formats?

No, we recommend that you only upload the original, or the file with the best quality or the most information. One of QBank’s best qualities is to generate great thumbnails and formats for different areas of use. If you still wishes to upload a file in different versions of the same asset, we recommend that you group these with the original file. In that way you will get a better search result.

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How do I add a new user?

To add a user, go to ADMIN > ACCOUNTS > USERS. Here you can also create groups, and set user rights and functionality for the group. When a new user is created you can send an email to the user with an activation key for them to set their own password. The activation key is valid for 24 hours.

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Can you edit images in QBank?

Yes, their is an editing tool in QBank. You can crop after your set image templates or by choice. With the feature QBank PowerPoint Slides you can put together a PowerPoint presentation from a slide selection. Perfect for your employees, to be able to assemble a tailored company presentation, based on pre-selected slide templates.

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What file formats do QBank support?

QBank supports all kinds of file formats. Though there are some file formats that are better suited for different features. Images, videos, pdf:s and Microsoft office documents can all be previewed online. QBank has no limits in file size.

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What is a Moodboard?

A Moodboard can be seen as a shared folder that you can use as a channel to external or internal users. You can use it as a delivery platform for your photographers to upload their photos. Use a PIN code login to keep a high level of security.

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Is it possible to streamline or automate our workflow?

QBank is built with great workflow in mind. There are multiple features that stands out when it comes to streamline and effective workflows.

  • The asset is tagged with information in real time, whenever you are performing a change to it
  • Get a notification when your assets’ expiration date is about to expire
  • Tag assets with information from external systems
  • Daily imports and exports of files and/or data
  • Connectors for 30+ communication tools, such as InDesign, PowerPoint, Episerver, Sitecore, PIM, etc.
  • Virus scan uploaded assets

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