Let QBank DAM maximize your Struct PIM investment

QBank DAM integration for PIM

With QBank's integration for Struct PIM (Product Information Management) you will get in full control of your product entire lifecycle.

With the possibilities added by the DAM your PIM can focus on its core functionalities and leave management of your product assets to the DAM. With a advanced metadata management you can add automated workflows to fit your business processes and rules, giving you consistency and shorter time-to-market.

QBank DAM Struct PIM
Struct PIM

QBank integration for Struct

The integration QBank provide to Struct aims to turn your product lifecycle more efficient. With smart workflows, sharing of data and automatic set-ups, you will save time and can share accurate product images and information with your markets faster. The integration can be customized to fit specific needs and requirements, and we are committed to delivering a scalable and future-proofed integration for you.


Right asset in the right place is key, especially if you have multiple markets and distribution channels. You need to be in full control.

Setting up both your PIM and DAM with a strategically thought-through metadata scheme is inevitable for creating automatically workflows and business rules - saving you time and money.

Not being on-brand or being inconsistent isn't an option if you aim for success.  Stay on track and on-brand with QBank. 


Building an integrated ecosystem and best of breed stack is key in reaching ROI and shorten time-to-market.