Metadata is where the magic happens in your DAM

Metadata is the key to everything cool – yet it never seems to be referred to as cool. Just imagine how useless a file is without its metadata? Metadata is where the magic happens in your DAM.

Advanced metadata setup for complex needs

The metadata itself has no purpose of being complex, but what a complex setup can acomplish is pretty astonishing. It comes down to having a good structure and follow an agreed upon metadata scheme, then you will have all the possibilities in the world, and true flexibility.
Advanced metadata setup

A file without metadata is worth nothing

May sound too bold but when it comes to enterprise DAM configuration it is so true. Metadata is the main enabler and opens doors to incredible automations and workflows. Leaving you with more time for strategy and hands-on work. Whatever you do, put some extra time into setting up a great metadata structure for your assets.

Add or pull metadata

There are several ways of adding metadata to your files. The basic way is to add metadata to your files at upload or to edit a file already uploaded in QBank. However, with integrations and webhooks QBank can also fetch metadata automatically from other tools like a PIM (Product Management Information) or MDM (Master Data Management) and add metadata to the file in QBank. Ensuring consistency and efficiency.
Add and pull metadata

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