Let QBank be your Content hub

QBank at its best – at the center of your ecosystem. No more managing multiple drives or searching for files in e-mail threads. Use QBank as your centralized hub to get what you need, when and where you need it. With QBank as your single source of truth, you are in total control of which assets are published, where and by who.

Why you need a central content hub?

The amount of content produced and managed by marketing departments and social media teams is steadily growing. QBank is not only great for storage but modern marketing teams rely on DAM to repurpose content, reduce unnecessary production costs and stay in complete control of their assets. Integrate QBank with your go-to tools and empower your teams with a central content hub.

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Instant access with a DAM

With QBank’s cloud solution you are instantly connected and always have the right image, video, or documents within reach. By adding a Media Portal, you can give instant access to approved assets, both to internal teams as well as external users. 

QBank - the single source of truth for the entire organization

The use of a DAM system is moving beyond marketing and communications teams. Today, our most successful users find use cases across the organization, as QBank can be used to support and simplify the work of any department that manages and distributes files, from marketing and sales to HR and RnD. 

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