DAM & social media - a true match

Let QBank support you in publishing your images and videos in accurate formats to your social media channels. Push straight from QBank to YouTube or add the Falcon.io integration to connect with your social media platforms.

Brand Consistency

Being on brand and consistent is the key to success on social media. With QBank your team has complete control of your campaigns, images, videos and copy - all in one central hub available for your in-house teams or external agencies.

Manage different formats automatically in QBank

Creating social media content involves spending a lot of time on creating different size versions of images and videos. When every platform has its own size formats it can take up to 20 different size version of the same content. With QBank you pre-determine every format and render them automatically…within seconds.

Manage and follow up on social media campaigns

We understand that campaign management is a crucial part of social media management. With the Falcon connector you can set up your campaigns in QBank and publish via Falcon to all your social media channels, enabling you to get statistics on a campaign level. Make sure your campaigns deliver on the highest level with QBank.

Take your creativity to the next level

QBank - the ultimate hub for your social marketing team