QBank Connector Mailchimp

Integrate Mailchimp with dam

Turn up your efficiency with a DAM integration

By using QBank's Connector to MailChimp you can publish your images and assets from QBank. Your assets are easily published from QBank for access from within Mailchimp. With a few click you can skip several steps when publishing your assets.

Keep track of what should be available for publishing.




QBank Connector for Mailchimp

With a connector to your QBank DAM you keep track of what should be available for publishing and you will not risk wrongfully send out marketing emails with old logotypes or images with expired copyrights.
Filter your files by their category and folder structure. The powerful search tool supports free-text search within properties such as file name, type, dimensions, users and custom properties. 
When you have selected your assets, you simply add them by drag-and-drop it to the publishing link in your left-hand menu or by selecting an image and click the publishing button.
Keep track of assets
Keep track
Keeping track of not only what images are used in a specific file, but more important, which files a specific image occurs in.
With a DAM connected to your Marketing Automation tool you are in full control and can guarantee that your organization only publish accurate content. 

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